You’ll be able to straighten the teeth without metal braces. Invisalign® can be a system that uses clear, removable aligners to incrementally straighten the teeth. There isn’t any uncomfortable brackets or wires, and since you take away the aligners to ingest, there are no food restrictions or difficulty with brushing or flossing.

Invisalign® uses 3D computer imaging to pre-plan your whole treatment plan in advance, helping you to see what the teeth will be like before starting treatment. Then, while using imaging, a series of custom aligners are manufactured that can move teeth little by little. You can expect to replace each aligner every fourteen days with the next aligner within the sequence. Your average treatment time from initial teeth position to a brilliant, straight smile ranges from nine-to-18 months. One of the benefits is, most people will never even notice that you are undergoing treatment When decay has become taken out of your tooth, it’s substituted with “filling” material. During the past, amalgam (silver/mercury) fillings were placed into the wiped clean part of the tooth. However, as a consequence of advancements in dentistry, you can now have tooth-colored fillings as an alternative to silver fillings. Besides looking holistic, tooth-colored fillings bond for the remaining tooth, rendering it stronger than a single that is restored with a silver filling. You may elect to remove your old silver fillings and replace them natural tooth-colored fillings.

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Porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers make smiles look incredible. If, once you look from the mirror, you see a smile that is crooked, chipped, unevenly spaced, or badly stained, a series of porcelain veneers can adjust it, making your smile look whiter and vibrant.

Custom-made veneers are thin coverings of porcelain which might be adhered permanently for the front of your original teeth (if you do preparation). The contour and shade of your veneers is perfectly matched for the ideal size and color that complements your present appearance. Inside of a few appointments, you’ll be able to see the results of your own smile makeover!

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